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Updated: 2/20/01

"If there's been a way to build it, there'll be a way to destroy it."

Reality belies description. Nonetheless, if there's nothing else to go on, here's the story: I live in Baltimore, Maryland, a city whose name was scarcely in my vocabulary prior to my arrival. I grew up in Chicago, and went to school at Indiana University, graduating with a degree in Philosophy and Political Science, with minors in French and English. I eventually started my own company, Dada Typo, working as both consultant and contract worker on jobs ranging from print design to web application development.

I am by turns a poet, translator, programmer, culture jammer, philosopher, anarchist, and inside my little head I carefully balance a joyous optimism and a cynical dose of doubt. I have an online chapbook, Everyone's a Fucking Poet, if you're interested in reading (even if you're not a big fan of poetry). It's a few years old now, but I swear, it's not atrocious; I hate most poetry too. Just try reading it, and if you don't like something you've started, skip to the next one. I'm working on translations of Jacques Prévert's Paroles, a brilliant and vastly underappreciated book here in the States.

I developed some software called dadaIMC, a content management system in use by dozens of Independent Media Centers around the world. I'm in the Editorial Collective of the Baltimore IMC, and proud to contribute to the entropic irrelevance of the mainstream media.

Whenever I can eke out some spare time, I work on digital collages. Take a look at "Of 11", a series of poem-images constituting an ode to, and ironic celebration of, futility and frustration. There is also a small gallery of random images for your perusal.

I'm on the Editorial Board of Social Anarchism, a long-running scholarly journal of anarchist thought and practice, and I design the issues. We also organize speakers and presentations around town. I have also been developing the Situationist International archives since 1995 or so, and have amassed one of the largest online resources about this influential organization. I wrote a book review of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle for the journal Postmodern Culture, and it serves well as an introduction to situationist thought, in case you're wondering what it's all about.

I spend my free time developing nothingness.org, which aspires to be a site significant enough to withstand the increasing pressures that come as a result of the commercialization of the Web, but it can be a daunting and time-consuming task (though not always thankless). It's frightening and saddening to watch the Web fall prey to the same consolidation witnessed by radio, television, and cable. I intend to provide a public access, commercial-free alternative for as long as possible, making available as many texts and as much information as possible.

To this end, the server at nothingness.org also hosts a number of other web sites, from the index of Alternative Press Center to the intellectual property and biotechnology resources of acephale.org. There is also Time's UP, a group of installation artists, The Prejudice Institute, working to end prejudice and ethnoviolence, Not Bored! a situationist-inspired journal, and Matt Heckert, ex-Survival Research Labs member now working in sound.

Life, as always, remains a beautiful thing. I'm a hopeless romantic, and hopelessly in love with Steffi.


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"...the freedom which manifests itself in anguish is characterised by
a perpetual obligation to remake the Me that designates the free being."

J.-P. Sartre