a.h.s. boy
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Updated: 2/20/01

The Small Gallery

Here, in particularly disorganized fashion, are thumbnails of poem-image objects. Click on them to download a larger version in JPEG format. If you like them, write and tell me. It feels good.

Belief is a burden

(JPEG, ~120k)

Nervous Watches

(JPEG, ~130k)

STRUGGLE We Do Not Struggle to Return

(JPEG, ~68k)

The Idea Pistol
Collage for Social Anarchism cover

(JPEG, 62k)

Time Overtakes Itself

(JPEG, ~50k)

What I have seen...

(JPEG, ~50k)

La Force
from the OTIS Arcana Project

(JPEG, ~180k)

Le Vouloir-Comprendre

(JPEG, ~70k)

OTIS Birthday Panic 1

(JPEG, ~180k)

OTIS Birthday Panic 2

(JPEG, ~130k)

The world

(JPEG, ~140k)