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A new, amplified strings duo that performs original, atmospheric, ambient music.

Sylvain alternates between playing melody and bass at the same time on his amazing, rare upright Chapman Stick, and plucking, pounding and strumming his regular bass guitar, while Norman loops and samples his violin and viola live. They've released one self-titled CD. Design/artwork by Sophie Boivin.

Sylvain Auclair is a highly respected local musician known as one of Montreal's foremost bassists. He's co-founder (vocals/bass) of the internationally acclaimed progresive rock band, 'Heaven's Cry' (shared stages with Marillion, Saga, Rick Emmett, Nightswitch, etc), has toured the major European rock festivals, and plays with African artist Namori ( His work appears on labels like Hypnotic Records and the reputed Dutch DVS Records. He is presently writing material for a new solo album.


Sylvain Auclair - bass / Chapman Stick

Norman Nawrocki - violin / viola

'Original, atmospheric, ambient creations. Highly imaginary, visual music.'