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Among the published highlights:

• The fourth book in his exciting and ever-expanding 'Brain Food' trilogy (Breakfast for Anarchists, 2007, Lunch for Insurgents, 2009, and Dinner for Dissidents, 2009) of rad poetry and bad attitude is NIGHTCAP for NIHILISTS (Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2012). Includes original artwork by Philippe Caron, Mathieu Chartrand, Fly, David Lester, Keenan Poloncsak, Matta and Emily Rose Michaud.

Distributed in the USA & Europe by AK Distribution and in Canada by Les Pages Noires Distribution.
ISBN 978-2-9805763-4-8
80 pages; illustrated; 8.5” x 5.5”; $12

• A chapter in the new volume #3 of ARENA (Christie Books, Hastings, England, 2012) devoted to Anarchism in Music. Norman wrote, 'Rhythm Activism to Bakunin's Bum: Reflections of an unrepetant anarchist violinist.' Other chapters by Penny Rimbaud, Boff Whalley, David Rovics, etc.

• A chapter on how to use music for community organizing in a new book called Organize!: Building from the Local for Global Justice (PM Press, Oakland, 2012), edited by Aziz Choudry, Jill Hanley & Eric Shragge.

• A short story, 'It's the Bomb' in the world's first anthology (in English or French) of anarchist short stories, SUBVERSIONS, published by the Anarchist Writers Bloc (AWB, Montreal, 2011), and another story, 'The Ghost Train,' in the second anthology of the series, SUBVERSIONS vol II (AWB, Montreal, 2012).

Volume II includes an English preface by the award-winning American author of 17 novels, Marge Piercy (The NY Times Bestseller, Gone to Soldiers, Woman on the Edge of Time, Vida, Braided Lives, etc.), and a French preface by the celebrated Belgian Situationist writer and philosopher (and contemporary of Guy Debord), Raoul Vaneigem (The Revolution of Everyday Life, The Movement of the Free Spirit, Book of Pleasures, etc.).

Other English authors in the trilingual SUBVERSIONS vol II include Peter Gelderloos (South End Press), Jamie Heckert (Routledge), Sandra Jeppesen (Gutter Press), Frank Miller (AK Press) and more.

SUBVERSIONS Vol I and Vol II are distributed in the USA & Europe by AK Press and in Canada by the Anarchist Writers Bloc.

Vol I: ISBN 978-2-9805763-2-4 ; 120 pages; 7”x 5.5”; $12
Vol II: ISBN 978-2-9805763-3-1; 260 pages; 7”x 5.5”; $15

• A solo, short anti-war theatre piece re-printed in a Cabaret Anthology zine, Ex-pressions (2010-2011), published by the Anarchist Writers Bloc (Montreal, 2012), featuring extracts from a few of the bi-monthly local AWB cabarets. The cabarets draw a range of artists and writers, musicians, poets, actors, mimes, even opera singers, to share their work with an appreciative public.

• The preface for a 764 page mega-tome about community activist art in Quebec from Engrenage Noir/Levier called Affirming Collaboration, edited by Devora Neumark, Johanne Chagnon & Louise Lachapelle (co-published by LUX Editeur Montreal, 2011).

• The preface for a new collection of poetry by Montreal writer Benoit Tremblay called Un écorché vif comme tant d'autres (Sabotart, Montreal, 2011)

Anarchist Writers Bloc book launch, Quebec City, Bar L'Agitée

Anarchist Writers Bloc book launch, Montreal, Casa del Popolo


Check out the video clip/song written and recorded in May 2012 by '2 Bonnes Patates' (2 Good Potatoes) to support the Quebec student strike movement that morphed into multiple mass evening demonstrations of singing, dancing pots and pans playing protestors. Lyrics to appear soon in a new book about the student strike.

>> ‘Nos casseroles chantent’ par 2 Bonnes Patates


Norman is MC'ing the one and only anarchist theatre festival in the world that takes place each year in Montreal...and acting a wee bit...

>> Anarchist Theatre Festival

…and is one of the 7BEAVERS organizing and facilitating this not-to-be-missed post-Occupy, re-invent-Occupy event…



The Anarchist Writers Bloc, Vancouver chapter, book launch of the world's first ever anthology of anarchist short stories in either English or French, SUBVERSIONS


Anarchist Writers Bloc, Montreal chapter representatives in Québec City for the launch of SUBVERSIONS anthology


Norman in costume on Parc Avenue, Montreal, filming for a new online educational documentary about health and relationships
Norman Nawrocki | Canadian Review of Literature in Performance

Norman Nawrocki's life and career would require a shelf full of books to document. Born in Vancouver, already an anarchist at the tender age of 14…
>> Read more


Norman participating in the Montreal Solidarity with Japan No Nukes demonstration, downtown, to shut down all nuclear power plants in Japan and elsewhere in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster


Telling a tall tale at Montreal's CAGIBI, then playing a short set


Joining accordionist/singer/painter Mathieu Rioux at a Save Parc Oxygène summer arts festival


Parc Oxygène surviving in the middle of downtown highrises


Chaotic Insurrectionary Ensemble violinist and Norman performing in Parc Oxygène


Pointing in Parc Oxygène, see Facebook page for details about the 23 year on-going fight to save this precious inner-city green space

August 10, 2011
New potential developer will replace park with condos. Help us save this vital green-space! No condos!




Parc Oxygène – Sunday Aug 8, Poetry, Open Mic, in the park, 4pm-6pm, free!

To save Parc Oxygène - our endangered little green space

(west of Parc, east of Hutchison, south of Pine, north of Prince Arthur)


Aug 22 - Dance - tango and more!
Aug 29 - Music - open mic!
Sept 5 - Mega show - music, dance, more!
(if it rains, event postponed)

Parc Oxygène July 25, Visual art + music in the park! 4pm-6pm

parc-oxy-poster-may-sept 20100722-NNinParcWFrance1 Sunday July 25, Visual art + music in the park, painting, sketching, drawing, sculpting, exhibits, 4pm-6pm, free!

To save Parc Oxygène - our endangered little green space

(west of Parc, east of Hutchison, south of Pine, north of Prince Arthur)

All visual artists welcome to come and paint, draw, sketch, photograph or just display their work.


July 25 - Art and music
Aug 8 - Poetry - open mic! with music!
Aug 22 - Dance - tango and more!
Aug 29 - Music - open mic!
Sept 5 - Mega show - music, dance, more!
(if it rains, event postponed)



20100722-NNinParcUnderTowers1 20100722-IMG_4320 To save our endangered, inner-city, little alley green space
(west of Park, east of Hutchison, south of Pine + north of Prince Arthur)
Parc Oxygène, People's Park! People's Art!
Music • Théatre • Art • Comedy • Dance • Return to school Mega spectacle!
(4pm - 6pm, if it rains, event postponed)

Dates online

Latest News

  • Pimento Report #23: Parc Oxygène (YouTube video), July 7, 2010: Watch Patrick Barnard's excellent short documentary on YouTube called 'Pimento Report #23: Parc Oxygène,' about the fight to save this vital green space.
  • Montreal Gazette, May 16, 2010: This is a fight for the whole city," said resident Norman Nawrocki, who is to kick off the performance series. "Every neighbourhood needs to preserve every precious piece of green space."
  • Montreal Mirror, May 13, 2010
  • Montreal Gazette, May 11, 2010
  • Spacing Montreal, April 7, 2010
  • McGill Daily, October 26, 2009


Norman performing the Oka Polka

Norman joined Mohawk artists on stage in Aronhiatekha School in Kaneshsatake for the 20th anniversary commemoration of 'the Canadian crisis at OKA' (a 78 day standoff in 1990 between Mohawks and the Canadian Army).

Here he performs 'The Oka Polka' - a satirical Rhythm Activism song about a disillusioned Canadian soldier questioning why thousands of heavily armed troops were sent to Mohawk land to harass women and children, 'kicking in doors, looking for cigarettes and beer?'

Today, 20 years later, Mohawks still don't have rights over their land.



Norman Nawrocki – The Spoken Word workshop

The Association of Teachers of English of Quebec offers subsidies to help sponsor such projects as workshops and author visits. Thank you ATEQ. M. Eva

A couple of years ago I was fortunate to spot Norman Nawrocki’s name on the MELS Culture in Schools program. I was looking for an entertaining way to enlist student’s appreciation of poetry and all the while have them see the importance of the spoken word through music. Norman offered such a workshop. I had had the pleasure of working with Norman in 2006 when he gave a short story writing workshop to my students. It was a success as evidenced through their descriptive writings. I also attended a spoken word evening where Norman used music – he plays a mean violin – a drum machine, and put his stories to music. This eclectic use of literature interested me and I asked my secondary 4 and 5 students whether they would like to have such a workshop. No coaxing was necessary – I have yet to hear a young person reject music or a chance to do something different. The workshop aptly took place in April, during Poetry Month.


English poetry: "SHE PUTS ON HER HEADPHONES" A collective poem written in collaboration with the students of Cavelier-de-LaSalle high school, in the Marguerite-Bourgeoys school district of Montreal

"The invitation to participate in La semaine québecoise des arts (The Quebec Week of Arts) was a unique opportunity to encourage my students to create a poem they could share with the rest of the province. Mr. Nawrocki, a distinguished guest who has extensive experience as an Artist at school, brought excitement to a regular class and at the same time helped these students to open up and create something they would be proud of.



Norman was recently invited to give the keynote speech at the ACIC symposium and celebration in Charlottetown, PEI, and to facilitate a workshop about the arts and public engagement.

"Thanks you for sharing your enthusiasm and humour with us. Your presence as a presenter was greatly appreciated. The inspiring examples of your own and other's activism reminded us that music, theatre, poetry, visual arts, and humour are effective means to engage the public bringing creative expression into our projects."

- Atlantic Council for International Cooperation


A sanctions-busting telethon was held in support of Abousfian Abdelrazik in Montreal on 28 April 2010. More than 150 people from across the country responded to the appeal to donate to Abdelrazik, though they were aware that they risked federal prosecution by doing so.


CAZZAROLA! extracts from Quebec City show at L'Agitée:

Click to view


Dinner Norman Nawrocki's

MONTREAL Book launch with live violin performance
Mon Sept 21, 5pm – 7pm
Casa del Popolo, 4873 boul St-Laurent, Montréal
Gratuit! Free!

TORONTO Triple Brainfood book launch
Sat Oct 10, 1pm
HeartBeat 960, 960 Queen St. West, with special musical guests

VANCOUVER Book launch + violin + 'sex' show
Sat Oct 17, 7pm -8pm
Café Deux Soleils, 2096 Commercial Drive
(followed by Norman's Lessons from a 7ft Penis at 9pm; $10 at the door; limited seating)

More rabble-rousing poems, songs and lyrical musings from Montreal's celebrated rebel wordsmith/musician/actor. This third volume in Nawrocki’s ‘Brain Food Trilogy’ (see also Breakfast for Anarchists and Lunch for Insurgents) also contains new original, compelling art by Caro Caron, Gord Hill, Matta, Tournesol Plante, Poderiu, Jesse Purcell, Tôma Sickart, Maurice Spira, Tania Willard – and a Perogy Party recipe.

A book for anyone craving new ways of thinking towards a world without rulers and ruled. Norman will play his looped, sampled violin for the launches, and read some of the poems.

Available from Les Pages Noires Distribution ($12 plus shipping) or from better bookstores in October 2009.

80 pages; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"; illustrated; ISBN 978-2-9805763-1-7. Price: $12 plus shipping.

“Nawrocki has a lifetime of finding politics & poetry in the street & taking them back there in revitalized form.” – The Vancouver Province

“The reality of the daily news fused with imagination and hope.” – Broken Pencil

"Never a doubt about the clarity of Nawrocki's voice...(it) kicks the heads of authoritarian society" – Montréal Mirror

NDinner1Col PHOTO: Maurice Pressé

Clowning 101 for Students:

As part of Quebec's 'Artists in the Schools' program, Nawrocki recently taught 250 eager young students the subtle art of 'clowning.'

Here's what their regular teacher said:

"In two hours Norman Nawrocki took classes with limited (if any) experience with clowns, and enabled them to create a show. What was accomplished in that short time was amazing.

Norman worked with the students of Edgewater School for two weeks. During that time, each of our classes, grades 3 to 6 had a total of two hours with him, divided into 4 half hour sessions.

Students who had limited exposure to the art of clowning created delightful routines. Large group, small group and solo routines were explored. This meant that every student was able to be successful, whether or not they felt comfortable working in a group. Norman's gentle manner, and encouragement gave the students confidence.

At the end of the two hours, each class had created their own "mini-circus" show that was then presented at the school open house and Bar-B-Que. He was a pleasure to work with, and listened to the teacher feedback and adjusted his workshop accordingly.

I would highly recommend him to work in any school situation."

—Janet Lamarre, Edgewater Elementary School, April 2009

The return to journalism

Check out Nawrocki's article about his recent visit to Hong Kong: 'Where Anarchists & Blackbirds Sing About Freedom,' in the Summer/Fall 2009 issue of the highly recommended, cannot-go-unread American anarcho periodical, Fifth Estate.

Then visit the Hong Kong Blackbird band site and order the 1984-2004 retrospective bag set 'Body of Work,' of 7 music CDs with bilingual liner notes in English and Chinese for only 400 Hong Kong Dollars, postage included

This was Rhythm Activism's anarcho Hong Kong sister band back in the day led by the 'artivist' Lenny Guo. He also published a fascinating 200 page bilingual book about his band called 'Singing in the Dead of the Night,' with interviews, song lyrics, sheet music and a sample CD. The book is included in the above package deal.

FifthEstateP1P241-copy Blackbird-CD-cover


Norman Nawrocki's

Montreal book launch:
Mon May 11 mai 2009
Casa del Popolo, 4873 boul St-Laurent

Vancouver launch:
Tuesday May 26/09
Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway

Another incendiary poetic collection of insightful commentary, oral molotovs and daring fantasies from the rebel wordsmith arguing why a socially just, war-free, healthy world here and now, should be on everyone’s ‘to do list.’

Includes original, compelling art by Canadian artists Caro Caron, Gord Hill, David Lester, Matta, Maurice Pressé, Maurice Spira, Benoit Tremblay, Tania Willard, Yvetta Wu from Hong Kong and Poderiu from Portugal.

80 pp; illustrated; ISBN 978-2-9805763-0-0

Order online here

New poster from David Lester's 'Inspired Agitators' series

New poster from David Lester's 'Inspired Agitators' series of posters outlining the philosophies of a selection of international activists.

David Lester is also the guitarist for the Vancouver rock duo, Mecca Normal.


Norman live in Hong Kong

Norman live in Hong Kong at the ACO with friends.

NLiveACO1 Norman live in Hong Kong at the ACO with friends, Lenny (from the band BlackBird), Edmund and Yip.


Toronto, Whistler, Hong Kong.

See Tour Page for details.


Photos from Norman's
last tour of Italy

Live in L'Aquila, Italy

Roma mother with children in Rome refugee camp


Nawrocki's newest collection of poetics in his 'Brain Food Trilogy' 'LUNCH FOR INSURGENTS,' will be launched in Montreal May 11th. Ideal gift for the insurgent or insurgently-challenged in your life. Available in cool bookstores then, or online from the LPN Pay Pal shop.

See the Catalogue Page.


Anarchy, Mussolini, the Roma, Italy today
A solo documentary drama by Norman Nawrocki, based on his newest unpublished novel of the same name

Photos from Norman's performance at Vancouver, BC's Rhizome Cafe, early in 2009. Nawrocki plays four characters in this 40 minute, one-act play: an anarchist trying to assassinate Mussolini in 1926; a current neo-fascist northern Italian senator; an Italian boy and his Roma (gypsy) girlfriend

Norman in Cazzarola!


Watch Montreal indie filmmaker Steve Patry's short documentary about Norman's newest play, Cazzarola!, filmed at the third annual Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival.

Extracts from CAZZAROLA! - the play - as filmed by Steve Patry.



Reviews of Norman's Italian book, L'anarchico e il Diavolo Fanno Cabert.

>> download


Makwan Moloudzadeh, 21 years old

Norman was recently honoured to collaborate with the highly respected Italian-based international Human Rights group, EveryOne Group. The group asked him to contribute the English language vocals for a memorial video-poem written by a well known Italian writer, Robert Malini, "in remembrance of Makwan Moloudzadeh, 21 years old, executed in Kermanshah Central Prison, in Iran, on December 5, 2007, a victim of prejudice, and against the Death Penalty."

Makwan was executed simply because he was gay. The video-poem 'Makwan: A Letter from Paradise ,' was part of a presentation to the Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels advocating the abolition of the Death Penalty.


Thanks to the generous support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Norman returned to Italy this summer to participate in a 'Literature of Québec' tour. He performed extracts from his first Italian book (L'Anarchico et il diablo fanno cabaret) and did further research for his new book 'Cazzarola!'

Video clips from Norman's last tour of Italy:

Norman in L'Aquila

Norman in Napoli

Norman’s Italian publishers: Editrice Il Sirente: link


A new spoken word CD from AK Press , published by CBC Radio, featuring interviews conducted by University of Victoria BC art historian, Allan Antliff with several leading North American anarchist artists, including Norman Nawrocki, discussing contemporary activist politics and art.


Les Pages Noires Issue #1

The historic 1983 front cover of the first issue of the original, hardcopy Les Pages Noires, the printed 8.5" x 14" folded once, printed anarcho activist newsletter, distributed for free all over Montreal in 1983.



Excellent anarcho punk fanzine, Back2front from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Contains in-depth interviews with Norman, DOA, Citizen Fish, The Lobotomies, etc.


Box F, 67 Tannaghmore RD
Ballynahinch, BT24 8NU, UK

4th annual International Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival

4th annual International Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival May 13 & 14, 2009
D.B. Clarke Theatre, Université Concordia
1455, de Maisonneuve ouest
Métro Guy-Concordia

Wed May 13 2009, 7:30 pm

• THE LIVING THEATRE (New York) The beautiful Non-Violent Anarchist Révolution : A combination of Living Theatre Plays THE LIVING THEATRE is the longest-surviving avant-guard theatre collective in the United States. Founded in 1947 as an imaginative alternative to the commercial theater by Judith Malina, the German-born student of Erwin Piscator, and Julian Beck, an abstract expressionist painter of the New York School, The Living Theatre has staged nearly a hundred productions performed in eight languages in 28 countries on five continents - a unique body of work that has influenced theater the world over.

Thursday May 14 2009, 7:30 pm

• THE CHOIR OF THE MAISON LA VIREVOLTE and their musicians (Longueuil)
• THE LIVING THEATRE (New York) The beautiful Non-Violent Anarchist Révolution : A combination of Living Theatre Plays

Advance tickets available at the anarchist bookstore, L'Insoumise, $15, 2033, St-Laurent (514-313-3489).

Tel: 514-981-5330


Artist Maurice Spira (who's work will appear in Norman's next book), responsed to the bombings in Gaza. See more of his work on his site:

"As an artist living in Canada in the Pacific Northwest, without a television, I tend to "see" the news on my radio. These paintings are my response to the bombardment of Gaza. The painting Walls was completed several months prior to the Gaza events, the rest were executed during the bombardment."
Gaza 3 and Gaza 2 30 x 22 1/4" Acrylic on paper 2009

Black Mask show

Catch a radio interview on the Black Mask show with Nawrocki following the launch of his book, LUNCH for INSURGENTS, at Winnipeg's Mondragon Bookstore/Cafe this summer:

Sign up for his Arts class @ Montreal's Institute for Community Development Training


This Fall, Nawrocki teaches a two-part workshop at Concordia University's School of Extended Learning.

The Arts and Radical Social Change:
How Community-based Arts Can Be Used to Work for Social Justice
Sat October 24 and Sat October 31, 9 am to 5pm

A two day, hands-on workshop covering the theory, history and current best practices.

Participants must register for both days. Fees: $180. Second person from the same organization: $150

All are welcome. No artistic experience necessary. Participants must be able to understand both French and English, but may choose to participate in either language.

Deadline for registration: September 18.

More info:
Mireille Landry at 514 848-2424 ext 3956

Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival 2010


2010 festival poster by Walter Scott



Photo: Roma mother with children in Rome refugee camp


Norman's newest unfinished book (and the play of the same name) is a romantic, historical, political novel dealing with resistance to Italian Fascism, yesterday and today, and the intensified persecution of the Roma in Italy right now. In a sad twist of art imitating life, the night Norman first performed the play in Montreal where he describes an arson attack on a Roma hut that left three children dead, Italian neo-fascists attacked two Roma refugee camps in Napoli, driving out the inhabitants and burning 800 makeshift homes to the ground. The modern day pogrom made no headlines in either European or North American newspapers, but was denounced by the Pope. Police stood by and watched.


And speaking of the visually dissenting: 'Art Dissident Art,’ the newest exhibit of politically and socially engaging art from the Art + Anarchy Montreal 2008 collective, runs September 5th - 28th @ 55 Notre-Dame West (Old Montreal, Métro Place d'Armes). Some 30 North American artists are featured (like Caro Caron, image on right), plus a series of fab, free workshops.

(Last year's Art + Anarchy Montreal show:

New video clip of Norman's recent performance in Napoli, Italy:


Anarchy, Mussolini, the Roma, Italy today

Norman performs dramatic extracts from his unpublished new novel, 'Cazzarola!' at the Montreal's 3rd international Anarchist Theatre Festival 2008, Tues May 13-14. 'Cazzarola!' is performed on one night only - May 13, at 7:30pm at the D.B. Clarke Theatre, Concordia University, 1455 de Maisonneuve West.

Norman plays four characters in this short, moving dramatization that deals with the current Italian backlash against immigration (targetting specifically the Roma), globalization, an anarchist assassination attempt on Mussolini, and Italy's newest suit and tie fascism. A recent book tour of Italy (with a new translation of his short story collection, 'The Anarchist & The Devil Do Cabaret') inspired the new work.

Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival 2008
May 13 + 14, D.B. Clarke Theatre, 7:30pm
Concordia University, 1455 de Maisonneuve West (métro Guy-Concordia)

The third annual international 'Montréal Anarchist Theatre Festival' takes place
Tuesday May 13 & Wednesday May 14, 2008 at Concordia University's D.B. Clarke Theatre,
1455 de Maisonneuve West, 7:30pm, featuring two nights with the world famous Bread & Puppet Theater from Vermont, plus artists from France and Québec. Tickets, available at all Admission outlets (or from the anarchist bookstore L'Insoumise 2033 boul St-Laurent) are $10.
(Special $5 tickets for children 12 years old and under will be available at the door for the May 13th performance only.)

Tues May 13 / 7:30pm
* Norman Nawrocki: Cazzarola! Anarchy, Mussolini, the Roma, Italy today (Qué)
* Nicola Mourer: Je viens de la solitude, une soirée avec Armand Robin (France)
* Bread & Puppet Theater: The Divine Reality Comedy Circus (USA)

Wed May 14 / 7:30pm
* Bread & Puppet Theater: Photographs of My Corpse: A Puppet Service for Guantanamo (USA)
* La Balancelle ( Nicolas Mourer, Monique Surel-Tupin, Jacques Surel): Cabaret anarchiste à la Belle Epoque (France)
* Le Comité de la Fin du Monde: Le Début de la Fin: la première odyssée spatio-temporelle anarcho-chaotique (Qué)
Info: Tel: 514-981-5330


Entertaining kids in Rome's Bilbi Bookstore

Author at the Rome Book Fair

Norman's new Italian friend, Toppo Giggio

Touring Italy with 'The Devil' and a violin

Nawrocki calls it 'his most amazing tour - ever!', recently performing 9 shows in 11 days in 6 cities across Italy to promote the new Italian translation of his book: 'L'Anarchico e il Diavolo fanno cabaret.'

The incredibly hospitable folks at the Rome based publisher, Editrice Il Sirente, and all their friends, family and associates, gave him the best food, wine, support and friendship imaginable.

Nawrocki, accompanying himself on looped and sampled violin, performed excerpts from the book for appreciative new fans across Italy.  A short documentary film about the tour will be released soon.

Tour highlights: the beautiful, mountain-top university town of L'Aquila, where Nawrocki played with a local, old-time, triple accordion, folklore music group;
a gracious reception at the anarchist  institute, 'Camillo Di Sciullo,' in Chieti;  his Rome debut in the chic, radical bookstore, 'Libraria Bibli;' inaugurating the newly opened Modena Anarchist Info Shop;  playing to a packed ultra-cool bookshop, 'Modo Info Shop,' in Bologna; having the official book launch at the prestigious Rome Book Fair in the colossal 'Palazzo del Congressi;'
a live improv performance with Rome's celebrated 'noise band,' Obsolescenza Programmata, in Napoli's hippest bookstore/bar/record shop, 'Perditempo.'
Nawrocki is currently working on a book inspired by his great Italian adventure: 'Catzarolla!' - about Italy yesterday & today, the Roma, Romanians and Rome.

"Devil's Tour" photos can be found here

Typical Napoli audience for the book tour

Francesco Benvenuti, another publisher

Massimo + Giampiero ( book translator) from the Rome band
Obsolescenza Programmata



SPRING 2008: New books 'n music on their way from Nawrocki, like poetry, eh: 'Lunch for Insurgents' (vol 2 of the 'Brainfood Trilogy'), and 'Dinner for Dissidents.' ....Surprise music recordings coming as on-line releases......
and if Canadians really, really want it, more 'sex' shows, especially for the ever-wanting West....


Video clip of multi-talented Montréal journalist,  Stefan Christoff, on piano, & Nawrocki, violin, performing 'classically driven musical sketches,' at Montréal's Le Divan Orange, 2007. Filmed by Valerie Khayat. The improv duo plays again Jan 26/08. See Tours.

>> See the video here


'Breakfast for Anarchists' (Éditions No Bar Code, 2007) is Norman Nawrocki's newest collection of rebel verse, fantasy, rant, short fiction and anarcho agit prop recipes. It contains over 30 stirring, provocative capsules of Nawrocki's trademark wit, passionate rage, love and reflection. Also includes original artwork & photos by North American artists Linda Dawn Hammond, Albo Jeavons, David Lester, Maurice Pressé, Benoît Tremblay, Miriam Verburg and Zazalie Z.

Breakfast for Anarchists is Volume I of 'The Brainfood Trilogy' Volumes 2 + 3 will be Lunch for Insurgents and Dinner for Dissidents. Distribution, on-line here .80 pages, $12, or from Les Pages Noires Distribution, or AK Press Distribution, or in your fave indie bookstores, now. More info / interviews with the author: C/O Fran Sendbuehler, No Bar Code, tel: 514.570.8913

Distribution, on-line here.


'Letters from Poland'
CD, 45 min., Les Pages Noires

"Wow, I'm impressed! Listened to the album and I loved it. It made me think of the train album that Steve Reich did with regards to the trains taking inmates to touched me a lot. " - Dan Behrman, Radio-Canada

Norman's hauntingly beautiful, East European flavored new solo CD . The 45 minute album contains spoken word versions of 12 historical letters (6 English, 6 French) from 1937 - 1995, extracted from his last book ('The Anarchist & The Devil Do Cabaret, ' Black Rose Books 2003, translated now as ' L'anarchiste et le diable,' Lux Editeur , 2006).
The letters are from an eccentric Polish uncle to Norman's father, and are set to original music. Norman plays looped violin and viola, the accordion, piano and a 142 string Ukrainian/Polish hammered dulcimer known as the tsymbaly, and provides vocals for the letters. There's also one accordion instrumental and a traditional Polish song sung by Norman's elderly father.

Alternately poignant, humourous, bittersweet and declamatory, the series of letters, trace the love & longing of one brother for another, and document this man's growing resistance to the rise of Nazism before and during the second World War.

Norman's last solo release was the beat-rich, anti-war, anti-Empire ' Duck Work ' CD (2004), an album that was cited by The Montréal Gazette as one of the top 10 local English releases alongside The Arcade Fire, The Dears, Sixtoo, and others. 'Letters from Poland' is a more minimalist production where Norman's acoustic strings predominate. Available from good music shops, or on-line, here, from Les Pages Noires. *



Watch for Fall '07 followups to the recent mega art event, 'Art + Anarchy Montreal 2007, ' an exhibit of socially and politically engaged visual art May 3-13th with work by 230 international artists. Norman was part of the collective that transformed a 10,000 square foot loft space into Montreal's largest temporary art gallery. There were 350 pieces of rad art and 2 weeks of art-related events. Over 1200 people attended. Planning begins for the 2008 show. Interested artists are invited to visit


Québec, November 15, Norman gives a multi-media audio-visual presentation about the historical relationship between visual artists and anarchy at CGEP Lévis-Lauzon as part of the college's 'World Day of Philosophy' program.

Meanwhile, Tamara Scherbak ,  one of Montréal's most promising new documentary film-makers has used DaZoque!'s music for her newest, acclaimed short documentary, ' Dedashka .' ,

And if you're still hungry,  follow Norman's spotcheck cross Canada ' Breakfast for Anarchists ' (No Bar Code Editions, 2007) book tour as he pushes the new book and serves intellectual porridge to well-deserving book lovers......or, buy your own copy from the Les Pages Noires catalogue now......(See below).


Photos above: Sharon Stevens, staff at The Arusha Centre; Norman with some of Calgary's 'Disability Action Hall' crew, who participated in his Creative Resistance workshop, 'to make the disabled visible.'


Rhythm Activism, in Vienna, 1995: Luc Bonin,
Norman Nawrocki, Wilf Plum, Sylvain Côté.

After a ten year hibernation, Montreal's legendary  'rebel news orchestra/rock 'n roll cabaret, ' Rhythm Activism (see photo,1985,Vienna), brushes off the ancient cyber-dust and steps onto the Sala Rossa stage June 21+ 22 for a long-awaited musical extravaganza with super fine Dutch comrades (now an  international supergroup), The Ex. The RA lineup: Quebecois rock star, Luc Bonin (aka Urbain Dubois) on bass; maestro Sylvain Côté on guitar; the human metronome,  Wilf Plum (ex Dog-Faced Hermans) on drums, and Normbo the scratcher, on violins. Tickets for this mucho hot hot hot Suoni Per il Popolo Music Festival event going fast.



Norman looks forward to the summer-time release of an Italian translation ( by Enrico Monier)  of 'The Anarchist & The Devil Do Cabaret.' It's now  L'ANARCHICO E IL DIAVOLO published in Rome by Cooperativa Editrice Il Sirente.......( )

This follows the hugely successful launch in May of 'Friendship Island' - the Verdun Riverview Elementary School Library Book Club literary project by a group of 30 creative, hardworking, dedicated kids, aged 8 to 11. Norman had the pleasure of working with them and their indefatigable librarian for a few months leading up to the publication. ( see photo above)....... In September, we can all groove to an on-line video release of a way catchy, funkalicious spoken word piece, 'She puts on her headphones,'  written collectively by a group of 25 talented Lasalle high school students under Norman's watchful eye. The poem was commissioned by Quebec's Ministry of Education as an educational tool for teachers and students.


means inspired art, more art, music, poetry, books, more books, workshops, festivals, exhibits, presentations and why not more Dim Sum!

Norman continues to work with some of the most amazing kids in the Montréal school system.
He's helped the Verdun Riverview Elementary School Library Book Club create a collection of writings and illustrations, based on their original story - 'Friendship Island' - to be published by the students early in May.
He's now working with an equally talented group of high school ESL students in Lasalle, writing, arranging & performing a class spoken word piece to be recorded and video-taped for the Ministry of Education as an educational tool.........and they call it 'poetry'.....

His 'educational sex show' season aimed at bigger kids is now wrapping up after another successful tour from Lethbridge to Sudbury and New Brunswick. Anti-war sentiment is present and discernable outside Fredericton, as much as the yellow ribbons flying from local trees and bushes, but it's a tough sell on one of the biggest military bases in Canada 20 minutes away. Stories circulate about muzzled, on-base disenchantment with Canada's abominably misguided war effort......Farmers & residents north of Lethbridge now have to truck in drinking water: all ground source water is contaminated thanks to corporate hog farm poisons..... and Sudbury is fast becoming one of Canada's greenest cities, where post-secondary students get FREE bus passes, thanks to hardworking, activist students......

Montreal's uber-cool, political art crew, überculture, celebrates their fourth birthday party and launch of Art Threat Magazine April 29th at Montreal's Divan Orange. Norman and others contribute political music and spoken word. You dance, drink & win a door prize.

Don't miss the first mega 'Art + Anarchy Montreal 2007' exhibit of socially and politically engaged visual art Norman is helping organize May 3 - 13. Over 5,000 square feet of some 300 pieces of fab rad art, and 2 weeks of art-related events at 6750 Esplanade. Cool catalogue, posters, books, prints and other artwork for sale. Support radical art or else.....

Then run to the biggest, the bestest, the hottest Anarchist Bookfair in North America - Montreal's 8th annual.....May 19....Buy all of Norman's books & CDs at special Les Pages Noires knock- down-only-for -you prices......

With luck, his newest tome will be in print and available.......

Then slip into some comfortable evening wear and check out the 2nd annual
Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival, May 28 & 29, at the Sala Rossa, hosted by Norman and friends......10 plays....laugh and cry, but don't throw bagels.....

(A song for a house: FRAPRU in music) with DaZoque! & the FRAPRU choir 23 artists on stage!

Thursday Oct 7, 2004 CAFE CAMPUS, 8pm.

Montreal's most innovative string-based ensemble, DaZoque! joins Québec's largest housing rights coalition, FRAPRU ( Front d'action populaire en réamenagement urbain) for a contemporary, traditional & rock music show called 'Une chanson pour un logement: FRAPRU en musique,' Thursday, Oct 7, 8pm, at Café Campus, 57 Prince Arthur est. Info: 844-1010. Tickets: $10 at Admission or Café Campus.

The one act musical show features a new choir of 13 FRAPRU housing rights activists and the DaZoque! orchestra expanded to 10 musicians (with FRAPRU members). The 23 member ensemble will perform songs that FRAPRU normally sings during street demonstrations to demand more social housing, re-written and re-arranged for choir and orchestra.

The songs, based principally on traditional, well-known Quebecois folk tunes, also borrow from pop classics. DaZoque! has added its own instrumental interpretations as well as some original pieces created for the show.

FRAPRU, active for 25 years in social housing, represents over 100 member groups across Quebec. They're recognized by all levels of government and the public as one of the most important advocacy groups for people directly affected by the lack of affordable social housing.

DaZoque!, known for it's cutting-edge, Eastern - European flavoured instrumental music, is Norman Nawrocki (Rhythm Activism, Bakunin's Bum, etc) & Minda Bernstein (The Bagg Street Klezmer Band) on violins, Hélène Boissinoit (Jérome Minière et Herri Kopter, Tomas Jensen, etc.) on cello, Alec McElcheran on bass, et Gregory Anderson Smith (The Montreal/Manhattan Project) on guitar, piano and electronica. The band has received critical acclaim for their self-titled debut album and their high-energy live shows at The Montreal International Jazz Festival & across the province. Le Devoir calls their music: 'Delicious, astonishing & audacious,' while The Globe & Mail says 'While they fiddle, sampled loops & electric guitars burn.'

With 'Un chanson pour une logement,' DaZoque! aims to bring FRAPRU's demands for more social housing in Quebec to a wider, music-loving audience. The show was made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. *

' Montreal Poets Against War!' Aug 30, 2006

Poètes contre la guerre!

Les Pages Noires Productions & Tadamon, packed about 150 people into the charming Casa del Popolo to listen to 23 poets, singers, and a few musicians denounce war, and in the process, raise over $1,000 for relief efforts in Lebanon. The poets read & sang in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, French & English.

For bios of all the poets and more info, visit:



by Norman Nawrocki

Some of the poets from the Aug 30/06 Montréal Poets Against War! event

It's an ordinary Monday morning in Washington
A sleepy beige, dripping dew kind of morning,
A flock of crows heads north
A garbage truck grinds its gears
Taxi cab drivers yawn

While across the ocean, thousands of miles away
in the war-torn Middle-East
where the extraordinary is to be expected,
a woodpecker, high in a mountain forest,
taps out a signal: o o o o o o o oooo o o o
and all the skeletons of the dead
from Fallujah to Baghdad,
Khandahar to Beirut,
the West Bank to the Galilee,
start crawling out of bombed
buildings, coffins and shallow graves, bones clattering, skulls creaking, clicking,
pulling and dragging themselves
upright by one arm or two, standing tall, hopping on one leg or none at all, helping each other
onto trails, streets and highways
these men, women, children, with
tiny babes cradled in the arms of mothers missing a head or a limb
or two and the odd pet dog
assembling into thousands of tributaries of the dead
converging in one interminable river of the dead
stretching across deserts, valleys, and fields of nodding flowers

These millions of bones naked snowy white in a blinding sun
Bones brittle, bones strong,
Bones marked with hardship, pain, tears & love
Bones broken, scarred, charred
by American, made in Canada bullets and bombs

Bones determined, defiant, walking in step,
United in death
Whole families, hand in bony hand,
marching over rock, sand & water
Limbs knocking limbs, in a gigantic, tumultuous
symphony of bone on bone
hundreds of thousands of the dead
heading west

Vultures circle overhead, unsure,
this procession of walking bones alive or dead?
Confused jackals bark and howl
Dragon flies pause in mid-flight, and stare

By nightfall, under the gaze of a sympathetic moon
this army of the dead crosses the ocean,
and reaches Washington
They clamber over anti-tank barriers,
iron fences & gates and through barbed wire
thousands of bony fists pounding against the locked doors
and walls of the White House
They smash through the wood
concrete, steel and glass,
then by the tens of thousands, they pour in
stepping on top of one another,
hauling each other up and through
to sit on plush red chairs, leather couches, carpeted staircases and
ornate tables and shelves, drawing bony hands over the polished mahogany and silver
oohing and awing at all the finery

They serve themselves tea and coffee
Pour shots of gin, bourbon and Yankee whiskey
Roust the hysterical First Lady and her husband
out of bed then lock them in a closet
They disarm guards, break their weapons in two
and slide down bannisters
hooting and hollering
They swing from the crystal chandeliers
bashing into one another, crashing to the floor
giddy and laughing,
They keep pouring into the White House,
bones piling on top of bones,
packing every cubic centimetre, every room & hallway,
floor to ceiling, a tangled, wedded mass of thigh bones, hip bones, cheekbones, wrist bones, jammed
in ever so tightly, wedged into every crevice & corner -
until there is no more room inside for one more
skull or anklebone, or even a baby's toe bone,
So the skeletons pile themselves onto the
roof, hundreds of thousands of deep,
spilling onto the grounds, until
the entire White House disappears
into silence, buried
under a bone solid mountain of the dead

Nobody can get in or out,
Every jaw, arm, leg & foot bone
now fused into one impenetrable mass
TV cameras report this on the
6 o-clock news,
and all around the world,
people gasp & cheer
America's Generals shake their heads, but agree:
'We can't bomb the White House,
to save it, can we?
We can't bomb the White House,
to neutralize it, can we?!
We can't bomb the White House,
to liberate it, can we??!!!
We can't bomb the White House,
can we?'

So ends another day in Washington
The sun sets, crows head south
A garbage truck turns into the city dump,
Taxi drivers go home to eat
And stray dogs sniff the bones.

Sex Shows!

Watch clips of Norman's four 'sex' comedy shows on-line, now!

Watch 2 minute clip of highlights of all 4 shows, or longer extracts from each show!

Check out the Sex Shows page for more details!


Norman's newest book:  L'Anarchiste et le diable Voyages, cabarets et autres récits  ( LUX Editeur , 2006) is a 300 page French translation of  his last book of short stories, 'The Anarchist & The Devil Do Cabaret'.  It's available in better bookstores everywhere, from the catalogue page, or from

<< Fascinant! >> - Tony Tremblay, Bande à part, Radio Canada

<< C'est beau, c'est trés beau! >> - Marguerite Paulin   CINQ FM, Montréal

<< Une impeccable traduction. >> - Le Couac

Norman in Iran - in Farsi!
See this site for the summary of an Iranian anarchist journal, 'Anarchie' which partially translated Norman's book, 'Rebel Moon: @narchist rants & poems' into Farsi!


The re-configured DaZoque! ensemble
( Minda & Norman, violins; Hélène on cello; Sylvain Côté, guitar; Sylvain Auclair bass; and Guy Levesque on drums) will perform again May 11th, in Longueil, south of Montréal, with the ever-fabulous, 20 member, Virevolte House Choir. This will be a benefit for a food bank/community kitchen called Le Repas du passant.

Virevolte is a family drop-in centre in one of the poorest neighbourhoods on the South Shore. For the VV's 20th anniversary, DaZoque! joined forces with their choir (and drummer)  to produce a memorable show in front of a 400 strong audience. The choir is basically single mom's on welfare, and some VV staff.  The choir re-wrote the lyrics to traditional and pop Québecois songs, while DZ provided the new musical arrangements.

La Virevolte fête ses 20 ans et vous présente :
« La Virevolte en Musique et en Chansons »

La Maison La Virevolte est un organisme d'aide et de support à la famille qui ¦uvre au sein des HLM de Longueuil. Cette année, nous fêtons notre 20e anniversaire et on fait les choses en grand. C'est ainsi que dans 2 semaines, vous serez témoin d'une toute première dans l'expression de l'action communautaire autonome, un événement unique à ne pas manquer. Le décompte est lancé.
Le jeudi le 3 novembre, 2005 à la salle de spectacle du Collège Champlain de Longueuil, « La chorale de la Maison La Virevolte » vous fera vibrer au son de chansons militantes ainsi que sur des airs populaires et des compositions originales. Ce spectacle, qui se veut une célébration de solidarité et de joie, vous sera présenté énergiquement par ces 16 femmes et 2 hommes dynamiques et courageux qui constituent la chorale.
Nous pouvons également compter sur la participation musicale exceptionnelle de Norman Nawrocki et de Minda Bernstein de l'ensemble « DaZoque! » et de leurs musicienNEs.  Ils ont concocté des arrangements musicaux en concordance avec leur style folk électrique soutenus d'un trio à cordes qui nous plonge dans un voyage musical propre aux faubourgs  d'Europe de l'Est,  mélange subtil et des plus délicieux à l'oreille.
D'ici la tenue du spectacle, les choristes, constitués des mamans participantes aux activités de l'organisme, de membres et de salariées, travaillent d'arrache pied pour organiser cette production de haute qualité. Nous vous reviendrons plus tard avec d'autres nouvelles de la chorale et de son évolution.


Le 31 mai sera la dernière journée lors de laquelle les fumeurs s'épanouiront pleinement de nicotine dans les bars, restaurants et lieux publiques!.

Le passage dans cette nouvelle ère est un évènement marquant de notre époque et ne doit pas rester sous silence.

C'est pourquoi vous êtes convié à une soirée musicale hors de l'ordinaire avec nul autre que

Dazoque!, "rock harmonieux Europe de l'est" Crazydent (SS), "new grunge rock" & Maginot "ambiant surprenant"

Mercredi le 31 mai 2006 à 21h00
Missy Bar 250 Mont-royal Est

Entrée gratuite!

By Eric Hill, Exclaim!
March 26, 2003
Norman Nawrocki and Minda Bernstein are two Montreal violinists that
have been working in a variety of bands and styles for quite some
time now. Fans of Winnipeg's G-7 label may know Nawrocki from Rhythm
Activism or Bakunin's Bum (also featuring Aidan from 1-Speed Bike
and Godspeed). Bernstein's alliances stray more to the traditional,
including the Bagg Street Klezmer Band. In DaZoque!, they tap into a
vein of Eastern European folk music both traditional and
transformed. If the themes seem strangely familiar, it may be that
many of the epic rock ensembles from Montreal (i.e., Godspeed and
its many offshoots) have been incorporating plaintive passages from
traditional work for some time now. However, DaZoque! brings a
fuller view of the range of emotion the music describes. Filled out
to a sextet at times (with cello, bass, drums and samplers), the
band reaches peaks of sublimity and depths of darkness over the
course of the album's 11 tracks.

Norman's newest one-act play, 'Overdale' at the first-ever 'Montréal Anarchist Theatre Festival,'
May 9, La Sala Rossa

Norman Nawrocki's newest, one-act play, Overdale, will premier at the first-ever, Montréal Anarchist Theatre Festival, Tuesday, May 9, at the Sala Rossa, 4848 boul St-Laurent, 7:30pm. Tickets: $5/$10.

Overdale is a short, expanded extract from Rhythm Activism's 1989 two-man musical, EDDY, the guy over there. The play will star two talented young local actors, Gabriel Joseph and Saro Saroyan in the roles of Judge and tenant. The piece takes a critical, comedic look at one of the trials during the infamous battle to save the historic Overdale neighbourhood in the late 1980's.

The Montréal Anarchist Theatre Festival - a North American first - runs May 8 -9, 2006, at the Sala Rossa, 4848 boul St-Laurent, 7:30pm, and May 24-25, 7:30pm, at UQAM ( J-M400, Foyer studio théâtre Alfred-Laliberté, Judith-Jasmin 405, rue Sainte-Catherine Est).

The bilingual festival will feature ten plays from Canada and the USA involving about 50 actors, including the internationally renowned Bread and Puppet Theatre from Vermont. (See Schedule below)

The four nights of readings and productions range in length, theme, and style, but all are either written by anarchist writers, or with anarchist content. Each will present either anti-State, anti-capitalist, anti-sexist, anti-Empire, or anti-authoritarian positions.

The theatre festival is part of Montreal's annual 'Festival of Anarchy' that leads up to the city's 7th annual Anarchist Bookfair, May 20 and 21, 2006 - the largest anarchist event on the continent.
Info: 514-859-9090
Email: anarchistfestival(at)

La Sala Rossa, 4848 boul St-Laurent 19H30 / 7:30pm
Lacrymos : Avez-vous déjà pleuré pour des raisons politique? par Francis Dupuis-Déri
The Human Juicer by Ross Peterson
In Conversation with Crows by Audrey Finkelstein
Sinking Neptune by the Optative Theatrical Laboratories
Cantastoria by Bread & Puppet Theatre
La Sala Rossa, 19H30 / 7:30pm
Overdale by Norman Nawrocki
Ya rien là par WeNous
The Works by Joseph Shragge
Haymarket by L.M. Bogad
UQAM, 19H30 / 7:30pm
(J-M400, Foyer studio théâtre Alfred-Laliberté, Judith-Jasmin 405 Sainte-Catherine Est)
The Red-Emma Project/ LE PROJET RED EMMA par WeNous, based on a play by Howard Zinn


Le premier festival de théâtre anarchiste en Amérique du Nord, le «Festival de théâtre anarchiste de Montréal», se déroulera les 8-9 mai 2006 à la Sala Rossa, au 4848 boul. Saint-Laurent, à 19h30, et les 24-25 mai, à 19h30, à l’UQAM (J-M400, Foyer studio théâtre Alfred-Laliberté, Judith-Jasmin 405, rue Sainte-Catherine Est). Les billets sont 10$ pour les salarié-e-s, 5$ pour les étudiant-e-s et les sans-emploi.

Ce festival bilingue présentera dix pièces du Canada et des États-Unis, impliquant une cinquantaine d'acteurs et d'actrices. Les pièces comptent «Street Theatre», du Bread & Puppet Theatre; «The Red Emma Project/Le projet Emma la rouge», une adaptation bilingue d’une pièce de l’historien américain Howard Zinn; «The Haymarket Affair», de l'auteur californien L.M. Bogad, et «Lacrymos : Avez-vous déjà pleuré pour des raisons politiques?», par l'auteur montréalais Francis Dupuis-Déri, et ÐÐ Overdale ðð par Norman Nawrocki.

Les quatre soirs de jeux et de lectures comprendront des pièces de formes, de thèmes et de styles divers, toutes étant écrites par des auteurs anarchistes, ou proposant un contenu anarchiste. Chaque pièce présentera des positions anti-étatiques, anti-capitalistes, anti-sexistes, anti-impérialistes et/ou anti-autoritaires.

Ce premier festival de théâtre anarchiste en Amérique du Nord s’inscrit dans le cadre annuel du «Festival de l’anarchie» de Montréal, qui inclut le 7ième Salon du livre anarchiste, le 20 et 21 mai (le plus important événement anarchiste du continent). *

Pour toute information:
Tél: 514-859-9090


The book you want to read this year is still available from the author at a special price. It's short stories, travelogue, band history & more.
Or, get your local library to order a copy from the publisher, Black Rose Books, and support a Canadian author.

"The Anarchist And The Devil Do Cabaret: An incredible collection of writings from the indefatigable anarchist raconteur, sex(ism) workshop producer, activist and poet. Loosely based around a European tour with his anarchist cabaret band - Rhythm Activism - this is much more than a collection of journals. Though it is partly that. With wit, candor,and the skill of a true storyteller, Nawrocki weaves simple tales of life, history, travel, resistance and revolution into a coherent tapestry of a life on the road, a life of revolt, and a life steeped in history, tradition, and culture. Truly wonderful." - Free Republic
NEW SOLO CD, 'DUCK WORK' is now out and available at better record stores everywhere. Duck Work makes top 10 of 2004!
Jordan Zivitz, rock critic for Montreal's daily, The Gazette, cited
'Duck Work' as one of the top ten, local CDs from 2004, alongside
releases from The Dears, Molasses, Paul Cargnello, Sixtoo & others:
'a career's worth of ideas, raging against the machine while
veering from the alehouse to the dance floor.'

Extracts from the album

January 2005
Lessons from a 7ft Penis:
Sexual respect and understanding

Buzzing with excited suspense and whispered sex, the crowd patiently waited for Norman Nawrocki and his comedic monolog, Lessons from a Seven Foot Penis last Tuesday in the Kwantlen College Richmond campus Conference Centre. "I only came because there was sex and penis written on the posters," said English student Steve Smysniuk.

The posters, Nawrocki says, are purposefully ambiguous. He wants to appeal to the curious without creating any preconceived ideas. I doubt anyone expected the tall blond, smartly-dressed man to launch into vivid depictions of his experiences playing a dancing penis, vagina and other sex-related objects, or to pull volunteers on stage and use them to illustrate erogenous zones. "I help people discover how they can become better lovers," he explained.

In waves of serious and comic discussions, a range of intimate relations were addressed through sound effects and multiple characters: Mrs. Robinson, a teenage boy fumbling through sex for the first time and a male view/ female view monolog on attempted date rape. Combined with the shoulder-shaking, hands-hiding-face humor that strikes a chord of truth, it was a learning experience for all. We were warned the show was not for sensitive ears, but it should be required material for anyone sexually active or planning to be. Nawrocki shared lessons such as, "never use oil from a can of chili sardines for lube," and other, more serious messages.

In Lessons from a Seven Foot Penis, Nawrocki combines the best material from his three other internationally acclaimed sex plays; I Don't Understand Woman, My Dick and Other Manly Tales and Sex Toys!  Nawrocki's plays are created from thousands of interviews conducted across Canada with students, doctors, rape counsellors and even priests.
These sex education plays were born from a female friend's harassment experience.  Frustrated that there was nothing he could do for her, he followed her suggestion and used his crowd-satisfying skills to pass on a message of sexual respect and understanding. His extrovert personality, quick wit and passion for the truth make it happen. He has toured nearly ever college and university in Canada in the last 10 years. *
- Kwantlen Chronicle, Richmond, BC, Oct 2004


(A song for a house: FRAPRU in music)
with DaZoque! & the FRAPRU choir 23 artists on stage! Thursday Oct 7, CAFE CAMPUS, 8pm.
Montreal's most innovative string-based ensemble, DaZoque! joins Québec's largest housing rights coalition, FRAPRU ( Front d'action populaire en réamenagement urbain) for a contemporary, traditional & rock music show called 'Une chanson pour un logement:
FRAPRU en musique,' Thursday, Oct 7, 8pm, at Café Campus, 57 Prince Arthur est. Info: 844-1010. Tickets: $10 at Admission or Café Campus.

>> details

Une chanson pour un logement: FRAPRU en musique

Avec DaZoque! et la chorale FRAPRU - 23 artistes!
Jeudi 7 octobre, Café Campus, 20h. L'ensemble à cordes le plus innovateur de Montréal, DaZoque!, se joint au très militant regroupement national pour le droit au logement, le Front d'action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU), pour une soirée de musique  émouvante, passionnée et contemporaine.  Le spectacle "Une chanson pour un logement : FRAPRU en musique" réunira sur scène 23 artistes, le jeudi 7 octobre, à 20h, au Café Campus, 57 Prince-Arthur Est.
Informations : 844-1010.  Billets 10 $ au Réseau admission ou au Café campus.

>> détails

REVIEW FROM THE BEAT MAGAZINE, Los Angeles, June/July 2003 >> download

DaZoque! is a short phrase that doesn't exist without an explanation point. Nor can you find it in any language book. But when raising your glass in a toast to the buffalo at some remote Eastern European mountain village tavern, it will be immediately understood by all. What, you say, there are no buffaloes in that part of the world. Well, like the emblematic buffalo on the cover of the CD, this is a recording that simultaneously links old and new musical worlds in a single hoofbeat.

'BAKUNIN'S BUM' is the newest 'beats & strings' musical/spoken word collaboration between Norman & beat meister/drummer Aidan from 'ONE SPEED BIKE,' 'EXHAUST' & 'GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR.' >> download

INTERVIEW WITH David Young, Editor of VIEW Magazine, Hamilton Ontario.
Oct 31/02

Co-founded by indie violinists Norman Nawrocki (of anarcho rockers Rhythm Activism and ambient duo, Bakunin's Bum) and Minda Bernstein (Bagg Street Klezmer Band), DaZoque! - a Montreal-based strings and beats instrumental sextet - have been called everything from "neo-klezmer, fabelesque, neo-classic, post-rock," to "John Zorn meets Kronos meets a drunken Romanian village band." They play a mix of re-arranged, traditional wild, butt-kicking East European folk dance music with original, atmospheric, haunting orchestrations blending rhythmic strings, beats, loops and samples. They use two amplifed violins, cello, bass, keyboard, beats and drums. Nawrocki spoke on the eve of a rare Hamilton appearance. >> download

Norman just finished another eye-opening, libido-tickling, coast-to-coast sex com edy cabaret tour of Canada this Fall.
>> download
BAKUNIN'S BUM  interview with Anne Larrass from 'The Martlet' at the University of Victoria, BC, October 15, 2001

What brought you and your and members together?

We've known each other for years through Montréal's anarchist and underground music scene and often talked about some sort of musical collaboration.  But we always had conflicting touring schedules and were never in town at the same time. Finally, when the two OCAP activists spoke in Montréal, & Norman recorded their speech, the opportunity presented itself. Setting their speech to music, to beats, seemed like an appropriate, useful, challenging first project, and so,  BAKUNIN'S BUM was born.
>> downlaod

NOV 2001

I was in Regina, Saskatchewan, on tour not with Rhythm Activism or Bakunin's Bum but with an anti-sexist/pro-sex show called 'SEX TOYS!', en route to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We had no choice but to jump into the rented car and drive for 3 hours north through spectacular, scenic prairie fields and hills as we listened to the radio news. It was surreal. We were surrounded by natural splendor, and attuned to a horrible tragedy unfolding thousands of miles away wondering about all the consequences for family, friends and ourselves.
>> downlaod

Letter of Thank You from Subcommandante Marcos, Chiapas Mexico, to musicians
of the world, including Rhythm Activism:
This message is forwarded to you as a service of Zapatistas Online. Comments and volunteers are welcome. Write Send submissions to
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999
From: irlandesa <> Subject: EZLN: to the Musicians of the World Sender: irlandesa <> To: chiapas-i <>
Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
>> download
jan 11, 1999

 [!earshot: the national campus and community radio report]

Weddings rallies anything
For Rhythm Activism's Norman Nawrocki, if you can't
dance to it, it's not his revolution.
By Keith Powell
>> downlaod
>> download
The True, Unadulterated, Short, Official History of 'Les Pages Noires'
Inspired by Vancouver's bi-weekly anarcho tip sheet, 'BC BLACKOUT,' a small collective of Montréal anarchists started 'LES PAGES NOIRES,'('THE BLACK PAGES') in 1983 to respond to the needs of the local activist community.
>> download
Michel Harvey, decibels, Montreal, 1999

Métier sympathisant
À une époque où nous sommes inondés de produits musicaux plus ou moins sur le mode de l'_expression individuelle, du
gouffre de l'ego et son rapport avec l'autre (phénomène communément appelé amour) ou les autres, quel soulagement de se retrouver devant une _expression carrément dédiée à la lutte sociale et à la dénonciation des injustices humaines ; autre sujet insondable, mais dont l'avancement est essentiel, si on ne veut pas perdre du terrain. Tous les jours, les exemples démontrant que la bataille ne fait que commencer, sont légion.
>> download


 Ce n'est qu'un début, continuons...
 propos recueillis par Michel Harvey, Decibels, 1998, Montreal Une des formations les plus tenaces du milieu musical alternatif montréalais, RYTHM ACTIVISM demeure encore parfaitement méconnue du grand public et pour cause, en évitant sous toutes ses formes les méthodes et l'approche mercantilistes en vigueur dans le milieu de l'industrie musicale, elle se distancie d'emblée face à ceux qui n'ont d'intérêt que dans la mesure du divertissement.
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Impact Press, Dec 98:
"You have to approach this recording as an irreverent cabaret. The songs appropriate blue grass jangliness on the title track, then move to a lounge vibe on others. They carry the spirit of punk and independence in not following the generic mold of guitars and screaming. It's really meant to make you think, so give it an active listen. "
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SAO PAULO, Brazil, Associated Press

A Brazilian Roman Catholic archbishop said landless peasants and the hungry poor are morally justified in occupying land and looting supermarkets, the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper reported yesterday.
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DANCE/THEATRE, rock & martial arts
"Cutting edge....packs a powerful punch"
- Global TV, Montréal



  RHYTHM ACTIVISM (RA), Montreal's "rebel news orchestra," will present the world premier of its all new, larger than life, hilarious and true "community circus cabaret:" 'LE CIRQUE EN CA$H: LA OU RIEN N'EST CACHE!' in three of Montreal poorest neighbourhoods:  November 27  in the Comité Social Centre-Sud (1710 Beaudry); December 3 in the Centre de Loisir St-Henri (530 du Couvent) and December 4th in Villary's Centre LaJeunesse(7378 rue LaJeunesse) at 7pm each night.
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 "Le Cirque en Ca$h" (The Money Circus) is an 80 minute long community circus cabaret comedy, in French, about the roots of poverty and how people can fight back.
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