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'BAKUNIN'S BUM' is the newest 'beats & strings' musical/spoken word collaboration between Norman & beat meister/drummer Aidan from 'ONE SPEED BIKE,' 'EXHAUST' & 'GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR.'

Their first recording was a benefit CD for the radical Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). It features excerpts from a speech given by two OCAP members in Montréal last December, which Aidan & Norman have set to original music. Aidan provides the beats, Norman plays violin, viola, cello & odd instruments.

A Benefit CD for OCAP
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

1. How far are you willing to go?  
2. And the cops just go 'fuck'   
3. A front, a middle, a back
4. What is OCAP?
5. Real 'Peace'
6. By any means necessary
7. It's too late for concessions
8. People already know
9. There's a place for everyone
10. We don't have 'show' trials
11. Hope, Pride & Dignity in fighting back

BAKUNIN'S BUM  interview with Anne Larrass from 'The Martlet' at the University of Victoria, BC, October 15, 2001

What brought you and your and members together?

We've known each other for years through Montréal's anarchist and underground music scene and often talked about some sort of musical collaboration.  But we always had conflicting touring schedules and were never in town at the same time. Finally, when the two OCAP activists spoke in Montréal, & Norman recorded their speech, the opportunity presented itself. Setting their speech to music, to beats, seemed like an appropriate, useful, challenging first project, and so,  BAKUNIN'S BUM was born.



(Norman Nawrocki, violin, viola & cello; 1-Speed Bike, beats)
'Bakunin's Bum is a satisfying ambient-music project that generates dense, enveloping clouds of sound'
- The Globe & Mail

' The album's 11 hypnotic rhythm tracks periodically step back to provide centre stage for selected segments of OCAP speeches, but suitably take full, intense rein before and after to further stress their serious message.'
- EYE Magazine

'Engaging, empowering, worthy of a turn on the dance floor,' - EXCLAIM!
'Combining the crunchy, thunderous beats of One-Speed Bike with the climaxing strings of Nawrocki.'
- The Montréal Mirror

'Mixes politically-charged lyrics and ideas with equally challenging but enjoyable music·.an unusual blend of funky beats, violin, viola, cello, frying pan, a broken horn and glasses.'
- The Martlet, Victoria

'A moving combination of angry rants and haunting music·new sounds that can change the way you think·a benefit CD that works' - The Gazette, London

'The speech is excellent & inspiring; the music, interesting & challenging'
- Friction

'Subtle drum & bass electronica with extended & experimentally epic violin, viola & cello·a great musical accomplishment'
- Scandalized Human Zine

'Combines the rhythmic explorations of 1-SPEED BIKE, enriched by the ethnic-flavored, anti-melodies of Nawrocki with bits of OCAP speeches· the album is at once soaring & aggressive.'
-ICI, Montréal

'Attractive, ambient-ish music·.dissonant but evocative & eerie - it inspires honest emotional outrage.'
-HOUR, Montréal

'A great record....beautifully put together'
- The North Shore News, Vancouver BC

'An intriguing hybrid of spoken word & musical manipulations·.an impassioned speech reworked with deliciously mysterious sounds provided by audio experts 1-Speed Bike & Norman Nawrocki, skillfully blended by these two ambient Einsteins'
-FFWD, Calgary

' Electronic beats & strings blended as the perfect bed for speeches.....I'll be damned if they don't fire you up & make you want to fight poverty.'
- Impact Press, Florida

' The speeches are inspirational while the music is a powerful complement'
- The Insurgent, Minneapolis

'An intriguing mix of strings & beats·.like a musical equivalent to Adbusters Magazine'
- The Varsity, Toronto

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