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Updated: 2/20/01

Research on Anarchism Info

The Research on Anarchism List (RA-L) is an international forum which was started on January 1, 1996, and devoted to book review, research and discussion of the theories, histories and cultures of the world anarchist movements and to anarchistic topics.

The Research on Anarchism home page is at http://raforum.info.

Archives of the mailing list may be found here:

And a few texts originally posted on the list are here.

Anarchism is defined as the rejection of all forms of domination, as distinguished from power. It may refer to the historical anarchist movement, but also to other topics, insofar as they relate to this definition.

RA therefore is multidisciplinary ; the subjects discussed may be as different as historiography, popular culture, philosophy, political science, ecology, economy, art, literature, utopian studies, music, etc. Contemporary events, newly emergent perspectives, books and articles may also be discussed from a scholarly point of view in the light of an "anarchist" epistemology. The list may offer the possibility of interactive discussion among its subscribers. It is open to any scholar or student who shares the same research interests, whatever his or her opinions. This list is moderated to filter out extraneous requests or other items that in the judgment of the moderators belong on a different list or do not aid scholarly dialog. All contributions will become part of the public domain and may be reproduced if credit is given to the original author. RA is trilingual : contributions in English, French and Spanish are welcome.

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If you have any questions about the list, please contact :
Ronald Creagh, moderator
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